Sunday, March 25, 2012

Spring Break

Spring Break for my first grader is here.  I am excited like a little school girl.  I don't have to get up early.  I can sleep in late.  I can start on my to do list.  For some reason, I am up early or earlier I guess my internal clock doesn't know it's Spring Break.  I can stay up late and so can the kids, but I end up paying for it.  They are crabby in the morning and so am I.  We are off our "routine" and much harder to get back to it when school starts next week. In the mean time Spring is here.  Fresh new start, grasses are turning green, trees are coming to life, and windows are open to get fresh air.  I am just going to enjoy each minute in between keep the two kids busy, laundry, my to do list, sort out winter clothes, put away older clothes to save for younger sister, figure out how many clothes my older daughter have, put away my own stuff, and did I say keep the kids busy and maybe do practice writing?  Do some math, so she won't forget it?  Just thinking of all this I am tired.  I think I will sit for now and read a book.

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