Saturday, August 23, 2014

Back to school

This past Tuesday, was first day of school.  I have a fourth grader and her younger sister will be at home with me for 1 more year.  She so wanted to go to school that she cried when I told her she  has to wait another year.  We had her tested at school for child development and she did not need extra help.  She is excited to go to school NOW.  She is only 4 and can write her her first and last name.  She knows a lot of the colors, numbers and shapes.
This week went by fast, kind of back to the grind in an easy way.  Not a lot of  homework, which was a plus.  I am sure there will be a lot to do each day by next week.  Trying my best to be a good mom, teacher and everything in between.  I know it starts out slow, but before I know it the school year will be halfway done.  OK, I won't get ahead of myself here.
Have a great new school year.  I hope everyone will learn, grow and have a memorable year.

Monday, August 11, 2014

FurReal Friends

Our cat, Callie, wants to join in on the fun!  I recently go this from Bzz Agent.  My kids were so excited to play and Callie was too.  I was pleased with how this was packaged.  It was very easy to remove with what feels like a cloth like twisty tie.  I believe there were only 2-3 of them unlike other toys that have seems like a million of them and it's very hard to remove on Christmas Morning.  The kids were pleased with the dog, and commented that the dog walked in circles.  We told them, that's what real dogs do, walk in circles.  I rolled okay on the carpet but of course it was a whole lot better on wood floors.  There is a roller on the paw part.   She sits, barks and make noises.   Overall the kids loved this toy.  Thanks Bzz Agent for giving me a chance to share this toy with my kids and we got to try and test it out.