Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Covergirl's Blastflipstick Review

I was picked by Bzz Agent to try Covergirl's lipsticks called Blastflipstick.  It's a dual ended lipstick where one side is a matte finish and the other side (to put on lower lip on the middle part) is shimmery shade to make your lips look full, shiny and makes them pop out more.

There are different shades and the shades I got where
820 Vixen- Light pink shimmery shade and a dark rose, berry shade
840 Stunner -  Golden coral shimmery shade and a bright red (with gold and orange tones)
855 Minx -  Gold brown medium shimmery shade and dark brown chocolate matte color

Left is Vixen
Middle is Stunner

Right is Minx
 As you can see I swatched the one shade on the left side mixed the two colors together and on the right side is the lighter color of the lipstick.
I am waring Vixen 820

Upon application the product goes on nice and smooth, and the shimmery shade that I put on the lower lip can pick up the darker shade if you don't leave the middle part of your lips bare.  The idea is to put darker shade on top of your lips and on the corners of your bottom lip, leaving the middle lower part part bare.  (Are you with me?)  Then you apply the shimmery shade there and it makes your lips full and it just pops out.  I tried this lipstick on and it does transfer to your coffee cup, and after a few hours the lipstick was gone but there was some shade of color on my lips.  By this point my lips look dry and I applied some plain gloss and it looked more finished.  The color left over was rough looking on my lips, it reminded of those all day lipstick that first came out.  Remember those?  It was a very drying lipstick and stayed on your lips for hours, and also dried out your lips.  Then you would put a balm over it.  That lipstick was very hard to take off.  Well, I looked like a clown before the formulas were changed and it's more hydrating now.  The lipstick was easy to apply, it's long and slender and it's very pointy, so you can have a precise application without using a lip brush.  Now, if you were to use a brighter redder color- probably a good idea to use a lip brush.

I like the Vixen color for my skin tone.  It's something I would ware.  The other two colors I wasn't too crazy about it.  It's too red and brown.  I have not seen the other colors, so I don't know how they look.

Over all, this product is okay for me.  It's not my first choice, since I can find my own lipstick color a darker shade or light shade and just apple a shiny, gloss with similar color and put it on my lower lip.  The idea is you can mix and match to have different looks and they did the matching for you. 

This product was given to from Bzz Agent, I try the products and give my honest opinion.