Monday, March 26, 2012

First Day of Spring Break

I got three things done.  I went to an appointment, took a nap and did laundry.  I just now need to fold the laundry.  I still have the to do list on the back of my mind.  I also wanted to take the kids to the park, but it got cold.  In the 40's type of cold.  I am not complaining since I like, no I love the cold weather.  Last week was torture for me.  It was nice in the 70's to 80's.  I like 60's better.  I can open the windows have a breeze, the bugs are non existent,  and I can hear the birds outside.  I hope Tuesday will be a better day of getting things done.
Since it's cool outside, it's probably in the 60's in the house.   I didn't make Butter Braid.  And OH.MY.GOODNESS.  Those things should be on the naughty list.  My daughter's school always have the fundraisers for them and each year I ignored them.  Finally, this time my husband and I thought we would try them.  We got two- Apple and Cream Cheese.  They had other flavors too Almond Creme, Cherry (not a fan but he is) Raspberry, and something else?  We got two and it takes 10 hrs or so to "make" them.  I had to let it sit, thaw and rise for 8-10 hours and baked for 27 minutes.  They were SO good!  Flaky and very buttery.  I had to text my friend Angela, because she also ordered and she never tried them.  OMG was my text.  Then I went on telling her how good it was.  A day later, she text me and she also said OMG.  Good thing we didn't order more or we would be in trouble.   I have the Cream Cheese in the freezer and I am for once waiting for a warmer weather so I can let the Butter Braid, sit, thaw and rise.  Then I can sit, eat, and drink coffee and read a book while I eat them.  If you find one selling them, order 1 or 2 maybe 3 for yourself and I promise you - you won't be sorry.  Your family will love you and if you give them as gifts your friends will love you.  They will also hate you too for making them love them and they want more of it.


  1. I guess you are one of the rare people that loves the cold like I do! I get so irritated once it hits about 70 degrees. People think I am crazy :-)

  2. I ware shorts and shirts at home. I don't like it when it's pass 65.