Saturday, June 9, 2012

A fine thin line between being green and being frugal

For the past few years, I have been using reusable bags as much as I can.  There are times that I need plastic bags for garbage, to put my daughter's shoes in so she can bring it to school, dirty diapers, and other things.  I have two bundles of washcloths I have been using for the kitchen, bathrooms and personal use.  Kitchen is green color and bathroom is white and personal use is red and pink colors.  I recycle.  I use coupons for things I buy from personal products to food items. 
Recently I was on other blogs and saw a post about being green and what people don't ever buy-EVER and what they do buy.  For me I buy paper towels to clean up mess that I don't want to deal with cleaning such as cat hair ball, or kids getting sick.  You get my point.  I buy soda or pop once in a while when it's on sale and I only buy the 1 liter.  I am guilty of buying bottle water.  I do recycle the bottles.  I buy toilet paper and wipes.  The baby wipes can be flushed in my household anyways.  I haven't used the toddler wipes. 
I saw some post that people do not buy toilet paper- YES TOILET PAPER.  I am not knocking her and her family down.  It's working for her.  Using cut up clothes, shirts, towels etc to squares and she washes them when they are used.   (Let me give you a second or two to let that sink in.)  I guess it is no different than using washable diapers?  To me the difference is an adult vs a baby.

What would you buy or not buy EVER?

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