Saturday, September 6, 2014

Dollar Store

Everyone LOVES the Dollar Store!  Sure, it's only one dollar I will put it in my cart and.........$20.00 later....what?  why?  what did I get?

I usually buy coloring books, gift bags, some decorations and a few things I want and didn't need.  They usually have some make up brands.  I sometimes wonder if the "name brands" are old?  It's an old packaging.  Lately, I was able to buy elf. Maybelline, and Physicians Formula.  What I have rediscovered again is LA Colors.  I bought their make up a while ago and threw it away.  Why did I do that?  I am loving the lipsticks, blushes and eyeshadows- 6 pan and 12.  It's a hit or miss depending on the colors.  It's a dollar and I have gotten a few complements on my make up.  I think it's a good starter make up or if you are just learning to do make up and want to experiment.  I also like some of the nail polish. 

Other items I like is the cleanser and I was hesitant to buy it and compared it to a brand name and it's the same ingredients.  I also get the gloves and hats.  I try not to be OCD if my 2 kids lost a glove it's a dollar!  I know, but it's a dollar! 

What items do you like to buy at the dollar store?

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