Friday, January 31, 2014

Chinese New Year

Happy Chinese New Year!
I am half Chinese and we always celebrate it.  Now that I have my own family, we celebrate it too.  In a lower scale.  We order Chinese food, of course, and Noodles are a must.  If I remember right it's for long life.  I do  have a red shade of shirt as well.
I have a friend, she is white, her husband is Chinese, and my Mother in law, that acknowledge this celebration.  The first friend always post a message on FB.  My Mother in law also post and for the last 2-3 years, she sends me a card.  I am not sure she will send one this year since she said she forgot a few days ago.  That is ok.  Just the greeting is good for me.

I am drooling thinking about getting our Chinese food for dinner.  I haven't had Chinese food in a while.

Have a Happy Chinese New Year.  It's the year of the Horse.

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