Saturday, August 25, 2012


I was picked from Bzz Agent to try some candy called UNREAL.  The packaging said
NO Artificials
NO Hydrogenateds
NO Corn Syrup
NO Preservatives

I got the Unreal 41 Candy Coated Chocolates.
It looks like another brand that starts with a "M" name.  The similarities stop there.  The colors where different.  It isn't bright colors but more like a matte or jewel colors like deep purple, red or maroon, dark yellow, and dark green.
My opinion-  At first bite I could tell that there weren't a lot of "extra" stuff in it.  The chocolate tasted "expensive" to me.  The ones you buy when you are in a different country and they have specialty chocolates or those boutiques. where the chocolate cost lost per pound or ounce.  I really like it and will buy this again.

The other candy I got was Unreal 5 Chocalate Caramel Nougat Bar.
I guess this would be like another chocolate brand with the name of a group of 3 men?!
The cut it in half and the caramel was very creamy and making a sting as I tore it apart.
My opinion- It was delicious and I was not surprised this time (after tasting the other candy first.)  It was very good and can also taste that there were no extra stuff in it.  It tasted natural and could taste the caramel and chocolate.  The nougat is my favorite.

Over all, I like this brand and I will buy them again and possibly give them as gifts in goody bags.

I am a Bzz Agent.  They send my products to try and share my reviews with others.
The opinions are my own as are the reviews.

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